instagram technology Technology Behind Snapchat and Instagram Face Filters

Snapchat and Instagram are the two mobile applications that literally blew away the community with their updates and innovations a number of times. The special filters that identify the faces in the picture are among the most significant innovative features. The feature receives an image through a smartphone camera’s lenses and puts funny elements over… Read more »

drawing apps How Apps Can Transform Sketching and Drawing

In order to realize the artist’s talent, one does not necessarily have to be able to master the pencil techniques perfectly, or to know nuances of paint drawing. So, many of us can literally in a few hours draw an absolutely stunning art based on ordinary photographs and ready-made pictures, simply using the special app… Read more »

how much hosting costs How Much Does a Hosting Server Cost Per User for a Social App?

When designing a business plan for a heavy load application, it is very important to take into account and accurately calculate such costs as the pricing of the hosting service where the application data will be stored. Large-scale applications, such as social networks, can become a real problem for their owners if the associated costs… Read more »

app usability testing How to Conduct App Usability Testing

Quality Control department specialists conduct software testing to check the quality of the product and the presence of bugs or malfunctions in the operation of system components. Since software development is a labor-intensive and hard process, professionals of various kinds – developers, designers, architects – are involved in it. Therefore, in order to be sure… Read more »

conversion from objectiveC to swift How to Convert Your Objective C Project to Swift

Swift and Objective-C are two programming languages used to create applications for the iOS/OS X ecosystem. However, lately, Apple is pressing for the transit of development from Objective-C to Swift. The number of requests like “how to migrate an app from Objective-C to Swift?” is growing by the day. It makes sense if you want… Read more »

Development methods DevOps vs Agile: How Are They Related?

Agile vs DevOps? DevOps vs Agile? What are they? How do they work? How they differ and what similarities do they have? It is true, that both of these terms are so often used that managers and specialists often consider them interchangeable (which is obviously not true). So let’s look at each of these methods… Read more »

a stock trading app How Much Does It Cost to Make a Stock Trading App?

Stock exchanges have long since moved to online. All the most important transactions are now held sitting in front of computer screens. At the same time, it is surprising that the market of mobile applications for the game on the exchange has not enough many influential representatives so far. What is the reason for this… Read more »

best android frameworks 8 Best Frameworks for Android Development You Should Know About

Android is the most common operating system for various smart gadgets. In the first quarter of 2017, about 83% of all mobile devices sold were based on this platform. Naturally, the developers of mobile applications cannot ignore such a large market segment. Many enterprises, including well-known ones, develop Android products. In the process of the… Read more »

outsourcing problems Top 7 Worst Outsourcing Pitfalls

In our time, outsourcing and outstaffing are often viewed as exceptionally advantageous forms of hiring employees, which allow to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining employees and get a product of high quality. But is it so? As practice shows, outsourcing is not a winning solution for every company and every project. In other matters,… Read more »

local-businessman Mobile App Development for Local Business

As of today, development of mobile apps for local businesses is not only a privilege of grand-scale business activity. Such apps can serve as great means to expand targeted audience due to the fact that in most countries, one in two people has a smartphone. The audience expansion causes increase in sales numbers and growth… Read more »

writing code Code Reviews Done Right: Best Practices

Code reviews are an important part of the mobile development project. Basically, it is the communication between several developers, sharing their opinions on the project and trying to figure out the best ways to optimize at early stages. As you may have guessed, it is very beneficial for both: the project, which will be looked… Read more »

react native or native A Hard Choice to Make: React Native vs Native

Cross-platform mobile app development is one of the most popular spheres in present-day IT-companies activities. It can be explained, first of all, with an additional cost effectiveness of such solutions and less time spent on their creation, in comparison with native. The best framework which is used for cross-platform development continually obtained superb Facebook project… Read more »