app design trends 2017 App Design Trends

Despite the fact that usability is one of the core factors in app’s attractiveness, people strived to be surrounded by art since the dawn of ages. Smart interface, calm colors and interactive elements and icons – all these and other app design trends can put an app on a pedestal and help make it desirable… Read more »

iphonex designing How to Design Apps for iPhone X

Apple has always been at the forefront of using revolutionary technologies and solutions. At September 12, they again proved that can open doors for the future and do incredible things like no other. The presentation of the new iPhone X speaks for itself. If you have not seen this truly enchanting performance, be sure to… Read more »

ui design review Design Review Process and Guidelines

Nowadays world web design is no longer about the visual design, or in other words, making something pretty. It is a powerful tool in the hands of those who realize that the way something is designed impacts the experience a user has with that item. UI/UX design is the communication bridge between the user and… Read more »

apple watch design Design for Apple Watch: Tips and Guidelines

Apple Watch appeared on the market of high technologies not a long time ago (less than three years passed since the release of Apple Watch Series 1) and have already acquired the status of the most successfully sold wearable device in modern history for such a short period of time. Combining many functions in addition… Read more »

development workflow Designers vs Developers: Is a Perfect Workflow Possible?

The quality of any web project depends on the cooperation of the designer and developer. Yet their workflow is not always as smooth as it may seem. In this article I will give you some insight about differences between designers and developers; also I will tell you about their cooperation and how to make this… Read more »

top app design toolkit 7 Tools Our App Designers Cannot Live Without

Human imagination is a powerful force able to fancy whole imaginary worlds or design spacecraft. However, just like reasoning is impossible without language, the art needs special means of expression. As new means and tools appeared and evolved, people learned how to make the best use of them. So was with mobile app design tools…. Read more »

facetune aviary apps How to Make a Photo-editing App Like Facetune or Aviary?

Photo making is one of the most popular activities among mobile technologies customers. Just like people adore making pictures of themselves and things around them – like nature, cities and so forth – they wish all of that seem better than in real life. That is why tools for erasing little drawbacks became so essential… Read more »

perfect splash screen 5 Tips to Create a Perfect Splash Screen

As mobile development industry blooms much and much further, every day more developers face the problem of making their apps more attractive for users. There are many ways of doing so; one of them is, as many of us would probably guess, app design. Surely, it is one of the most important influencers that determine… Read more »

what-is-the-difference Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes: What is The Difference?

Difference between wireframe, mockup, and prototype How often have you had to deal with such concerns as wireframes and mockups or even prototype vs wireframe? If you have ever tried to make your own application or discussed its creation, then I believe, that you have heard these expressions more than once. If not, but thinking… Read more »

material-design-vs-flat-design What’s the Difference: Flat Design vs Material Design

This topic caused a lot of controversies even within LandingpageDesign UI/UX design team. Material Design can be considered a concept, or a kind of philosophy that created numerous discussions about: “material vs flat” and “skeuomorphic vs flat design”. Why? This question will be answered in our today’s article. A bit of history Looking ahead, we… Read more »

ux-design-principles 5 Fundamental UX Design Principles

Although there’s a lot of information about the UX design (user experience design) on the Internet, still only a rare person understands clearly, what is it that the UX designers do and why UX design is important.. This is because the precise determination of the profession is not yet developed. UX includes a number of… Read more »

mobile-app-icon 7 Tips to Design The Perfect Mobile App Icon

Continuing the design theme, in this article we would like to write a few words about how to design an app icon. Why do we think that icons in your application must be done professionally? Because the icon is the first thing that user faces, the first thing that user begins his interaction with the… Read more »