local-businessman Mobile App Development for Local Business

As of today, development of mobile apps for local businesses is not only a privilege of grand-scale business activity. Such apps can serve as great means to expand targeted audience due to the fact that in most countries, one in two people has a smartphone. The audience expansion causes increase in sales numbers and growth… Read more »

writing code Code Reviews Done Right: Best Practices

Code reviews are an important part of the mobile development project. Basically, it is the communication between several developers, sharing their opinions on the project and trying to figure out the best ways to optimize at early stages. As you may have guessed, it is very beneficial for both: the project, which will be looked… Read more »

react native or native A Hard Choice to Make: React Native vs Native

Cross-platform mobile app development is one of the most popular spheres in present-day IT-companies activities. It can be explained, first of all, with an additional cost effectiveness of such solutions and less time spent on their creation, in comparison with native. The best framework which is used for cross-platform development continually obtained superb Facebook project… Read more »

ebay poshmark app development How to Make an Online Auction App like eBay

The business of online auctions is attracting startups not for nothing. One of the greatest of them, eBay, has more than 167 million active users, each of whom spends more than 150 minutes every month on using the application (). In 2016, a record amount of goods posted on the site at the same time… Read more »

ui design review Design Review Process and Guidelines

Nowadays world web design is no longer about the visual design, or in other words, making something pretty. It is a powerful tool in the hands of those who realize that the way something is designed impacts the experience a user has with that item. UI/UX design is the communication bridge between the user and… Read more »

make an app like pinterest How to Make an App Like Pinterest

Nowadays, we have thousands and thousands of websites and applications at our disposal. They are all sitting there quietly and waiting to be discovered, hyped and eventually to become successful. And while others wait, some apps do receive all the compliments from the online community. Why does this happen? What’s in it for the users?… Read more »

netflix app development Let’s Make an App Like Netflix: Cost Estimation and Functionality

What do you usually do after an exhausting day at work? What do you discuss with your friends and family during a dinner or at leisure? How would you prefer to spend your time with a person you like? I bet at least one of the answers to this question is somehow connected with movie… Read more »

apple watch design Design for Apple Watch: Tips and Guidelines

Apple Watch appeared on the market of high technologies not a long time ago (less than three years passed since the release of Apple Watch Series 1) and have already acquired the status of the most successfully sold wearable device in modern history for such a short period of time. Combining many functions in addition… Read more »

seven minute workout How to Make a Fitness App like 7 Minute Workout

Not so long ago it was difficult to find a really popular and useful application for fitness in the application stores. It seemed that this niche will never be in demand since smartphones and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible things. However, smartphones have become so firmly integrated into our everyday life that in one day… Read more »

development workflow Designers vs Developers: Is a Perfect Workflow Possible?

The quality of any web project depends on the cooperation of the designer and developer. Yet their workflow is not always as smooth as it may seem. In this article I will give you some insight about differences between designers and developers; also I will tell you about their cooperation and how to make this… Read more »

ubereats application development How to Make an On-Demand Food Delivery App like UberEats

The freedom of choice, the ability to fit into the busy schedule of a modern person, the level of simplicity and thoughtfulness. Those are the things that define a great service, and on-demand food delivery app like Uber has the potential to live up to that standard. This makes them a very promising investment for… Read more »

emoticons emoji for messanger [Case Study] How to Develop Custom Stickers for Your App

Today, various social networks become an integral part of people’s lives. People are communicating and exchanging information there, they store data, search for friends, colleagues, employees there too. And as in any popular sphere, an element of entertainment and decoration is actively introduced in social networks. It can be a large media content — pictures,… Read more »