car sharing app How to Develop a Car Rental Application

Make a Car booking app Metropolitan residents often face problems with both public and private transport – traffic jams, accidents or road repairs. All this affects the choice of transport in one form or another. On the other hand, car owners also face parking problems, as parking spaces are often limited, and the number of… Read more »

sports fans Why Develop An App for Sports Team Fans?

Sports applications and apps for sports fans, though popular still cause a number of difficulties for developers. Is it worthwhile to start developing a product that will be popular in a narrow circle of fans of a certain sport or even a specific team? What functionality must the application have, so that it can interest… Read more »

location based app 7 Location-Based App Ideas for Startups

The simplicity and prevalence of mobile devices have made applications a constant attribute of our lives. Today we can already observe thousands of mobile applications are changing the world into a high-tech society. And while science fiction writers glorify the exploration of outer space, black holes, parallel worlds, a portable device with great possibilities has… Read more »

app usability testing How to Conduct App Usability Testing

Quality Control department specialists conduct software testing to check the quality of the product and the presence of bugs or malfunctions in the operation of system components. Since software development is a labor-intensive and hard process, professionals of various kinds – developers, designers, architects – are involved in it. Therefore, in order to be sure… Read more »

zello communication An App Like Zello: Development Tips and Alternatives Review

Make a walkie-talkie app What does communication mean to a person, especially a modern one, surrounded by a variety of information? From a historical point of view, it would be impossible to socialize humanity without normal communication. That is, it was the process of communication that led us to this level of industrial and personal… Read more »

app design trends 2017 App Design Trends

Despite the fact that usability is one of the core factors in app’s attractiveness, people strived to be surrounded by art since the dawn of ages. Smart interface, calm colors and interactive elements and icons – all these and other app design trends can put an app on a pedestal and help make it desirable… Read more »

iphonex designing How to Design Apps for iPhone X

Apple has always been at the forefront of using revolutionary technologies and solutions. At September 12, they again proved that can open doors for the future and do incredible things like no other. The presentation of the new iPhone X speaks for itself. If you have not seen this truly enchanting performance, be sure to… Read more »

conversion from objectiveC to swift How to Convert Your Objective C Project to Swift

Swift and Objective-C are two programming languages used to create applications for the iOS/OS X ecosystem. However, lately, Apple is pressing for the transit of development from Objective-C to Swift. The number of requests like “how to migrate an app from Objective-C to Swift?” is growing by the day. It makes sense if you want… Read more »

lean business model How to Create Lean Canvas for a Mobile App

What is Lean canvas Lean Canvas is a way of effectively tracing the most important hypotheses regarding business development whose creator is Ash Maurya. It is presented in the form of a table that consists of nine divisions but we will speak of them a little bit later. Lean canvas is specially structured for entrepreneurs… Read more »

Development methods DevOps vs Agile: How Are They Related?

Agile vs DevOps? DevOps vs Agile? What are they? How do they work? How they differ and what similarities do they have? It is true, that both of these terms are so often used that managers and specialists often consider them interchangeable (which is obviously not true). So let’s look at each of these methods… Read more »

investors for your idea How to Pitch Your App Idea to Investors

Once in a dream, you saw the idea of an application for a startup. Having woken up, you still remembered this idea and, with God’s help, decided to try to implement it. But where to start? How to pitch an app idea to investors? It is not difficult to guess that investors receive over 9,000… Read more »

geolocation How to Create a Location-Based Mobile Application

Geolocation app development Geolocation app development – what is it today: the trend move necessary to stay on the market, a least-evil solution or just a pleasant feature that attracts users? Mobile applications with geolocation are firmly entrenched on the market, taking root in all top categories – from sports and fitness to games and… Read more »