Drupal 8

5 Ways Drupal 8 Can Help Your Startup or Small Business

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that shares the market with systems like WordPress and Joomla. Drupal development is responsible for some high profile websites, like those of many major universities. But Drupal development allows users to enjoy greater functionality compared to blog-paradigm-based CMSs like WordPress.

Drupal 8 may be the perfect CMS for your startup.

The Drupal community is an active and diverse group of more than 1.1 million people in more than 200 countries speaking 180 different languages. Drupal 8 brought in over 200 new features and improvements compared to Drupal 7. In fact, there are benefits for just about everyone, particularly those who need application programming interfaces or want a better mobile experience. Here are 5 reasons why Drupal 8 can help your startup or small business.

1. Drupal 8 Lets You Keep Your Options Open

Drupal in general is known for being “hyper-configurable.” With Drupal 8 addressing many of the shortcomings of earlier versions, developers essentially have infinite extensibility, which allows business owners to keep future options open. This is terrific for startups that aren’t 100% certain about the direction they want to go in the future. And Drupal development is also perfect for one-off projects because it keeps open the option of future integration and scaling.

2. It Is Terrific for Prototyping

Because Drupal 8 offers configurable fields, content types, triggers, rules, and countless contributed modules, it’s well-suited for fast prototyping, taking ideas from concept to interactive product in a few hours in some cases. It is also well-suited to early prototypes that focus on user interaction (while actual functionality is faked) so businesses can learn quickly if people will actually interact with a product and whether they should continue following through on development.

3. Complex Sites Can Be Built with Drupal 8 Without Writing Code

Drupal development makes it possible to build complex websites without having to write code. This can be a double-edged sword, since so many options can make it easier to make site architecture choices today that don’t work out so well later. However, the ability to create complex behavior without writing code makes Drupal 8 an outstanding choice for non-technical startup owners. With actions, rules, and triggers, startups can easily test possibilities and quickly implement those that show promise.

4. Broad Support Makes Integration and Scaling Easier

With a vibrant user community, Drupal offers many benefits for integration and scaling. There are a number of modules you can use to extend your product with all kinds of functionalities. Plus, Drupal is familiar to many consultants, hosting and support services, and integrates with many third-party products. And frankly, Drupal has an impressive track record with enterprise-scale projects at respected organizations. Security and scalability are very much “known quantities” due to the popularity of Drupal development around the world.

You can be confident of Drupal development`s track record

5. Drupal 8 Offers Key Performance Improvements

Compared to earlier versions of Drupal, Drupal 8 offers:

–  Reduced dependence on additional modules

–  A WYSIWYG editor that makes content administration easier from the front end and mobile devices

–  The Twig template engine that makes it easy to design beautiful, functional, and secure Drupal sites

–  Even more multilingual support, including automatic translation updates from the Drupal development community

–  Outstanding responsiveness so your website looks great across devices

–  It uses HTML5 (compared to Drupal 7, which used XHTML)


If you’re the owner or C-level executive of a startup or small business, Drupal development using Drupal 8 is well worth your consideration. It’s a CMS that lets you take the information and ideas you have gathered about your users and your goals, and put them into action. By determining up front who your site is for, what it should do, and what you want the user experience to be like, and then employing Drupal development to make it into reality, you have the best opportunity to provide a user experience that is in tune with your brand and leads to accomplishment of your goals.

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