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What You Should Know About Bill 148

You need to know that bill 148 of the fair workplaces, better jobs act of 2017 will end up review changes when it comes to how you make your payrolls. The main purpose of this bill is usually to ensure that they support workers and the labor changes and they can be certain that their work will be less secured. It Attempts to rectify issues like part-time employment, minimum wage jobs and access to sick leaves and other matters that concern employees. This act is known to amend the employment standards act 2000 by ensuring that it adds new sections to it. Bill 148 will change the way Ontario works, and it usually impacts payroll operations. The law ended up affecting the minimum wage, and it increased it to $14 per hour. It will later on rise once again to $15 an hour in the year 2019. many employees will end up getting a raise due to this bill for example employees who are under 18, liquor servers and homeworkers. At the end of the day, the government is planning to grow wages at the same percentage. That is why if you own a business you should make sure that you update your payroll system in order to reflect such increase in wages.

The minimum wage update is usually quite simple and in April 2018 equal pay for equal work started taking place, and that is why it usually requires to do a thorough review of their payroll systems. Bill 148 states that an employer cannot pay an employee less than another employee because their employment status is different when both people and adapt performing equal work. That usually means that if two employees perform the same work, then you cannot pay a permanent employee more than a temporary or seasonal employee. All employees who are performing the same work will end up getting the same day at the same hour rate. From January 2018 every employee who has worked in an organization for more than five payroll years is entitled to receive three weeks of paid vacation. It is advisable for you to make sure that you update your payroll system so that every employee who has worked for the company for more than five years can receive their pay leaves. Changes to bill 148 where made due to high complaints which ended up resulting in a shift in their original proposal.

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