Advantage of 2D Animations

Since from the year 1990 3D animation is evolved as a boon in multimedia industry and soon it gains popularity among the animators within no time. Now in today’s world of technology and science, major motion pictures use this technique to create images that simulates to the real life and gives feeling to user as they are the part of this virtual world. However we cant ignore or it does not mean that we do not count the role of 2D animation. It is still playing a countable role in the animation world, it has provided a worth noting benefits in animation projects. Here are given some noticeble advantages in 2D Animation.


2D Animation comes with great efficiency producing a high quality output. It is just like an art which requires great thinking and creative skill to produce objects or characters. Animator should imagine himself in place of a character and thinks how he behaves and depicts the animation accordingly. New Techniques and styles are developed in animation to choose from. Earlier 2D techniques are old and does not produce the proper effects. But now an array of tools are introduced adding a WOW! Factor in animation.

How ever skills requirement level is equal in both 2D and 3D , but faster to make animation in 2D than 3D as third dimension is absent in it. 2D is generally used in projects yo be completed in timely manner and images created are not so lifelike.


Simplicity is the natural benefit of using this type having design less complex. For complex design 3D is used as in most action films to visualize detailed action. However 2D designs are neat and clean. Games like Candy Crush have a appealing factors that attracts the user. If some message is to be conveyed this technology is used. So an animation should be like that would not distract the user.

Artistic Freedom:

2D technique gives design freedom with several creative possibilites. It explores the new world, anyone can work on the project very easily then could be very hard to create in 3D. We can target the specific audience quickly. This type of animation requires equal talent and skills. However it doe not mean that using this technique we are going to limit our choices or requirements. Instead simplicity and cost effectiveness will attracts the client and is a better choice for the beginners for successfully completing the project.